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Hanging Baskets

Bring your hanging baskets and containers and we will plant them in the colour scheme of your choice. We have sample baskets to give you inspiration or just buy the one you like.

Ideally bring your own baskets in April for summer planting and October for winter baskets. Dont worry if it is later, we can still make a good display.


There is a wide variety of containers for planting up, including ceramic, glazed and terracotta pots. We also have a range of lightweight fibreglass containers. Also ready planted containers which can be taken away immediately.

Growing Media

We stock a selection of growing media including multi-purpose compost, peat free compost, grow bags, bark chippings and ericaceous compost.

Succulents and succulent arrangements

There is a large selection of succulents to make your own arrangement with a selection of pots so you can choose your own.

We also have lots of ready made arrangements for you to choose from. Succulents are very easy to keep alive. Perfect for displaying on window sills as they do not mind hot sun.

They are also very happy in the garden and will survive very well if they are not sitting in lots of water.

They do not need much watering through the Winter. The leaves will begin to shrivel if you do not water them enough but will soon recover when you water.